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11 Airbnb Tiny House Stays to Experience | Digs & Abode

airbnb tiny house

One of the best ways to know if tiny house living is for you is to experience a stay in one for a day

blue ridge mountains tiny house

or 5 :-). I had the opportunity to do a series of 5 airbnb tiny house stays in 5 days in the Blue Ridge Mountains (highly recommend), to get a living feel for them. And each stay presented a different vibe, from shabby chic, to modern and spacious.

tiny house mountain cabin

All 5 of them featured lofted bedrooms, which I always think is super cool. And all of them were 600sf and under, but actually felt so much bigger depending on the layout and features. It was definitely an experience to remember...I crammed in an overnight stay everyday and drove from house to house through the mountains...Again highly recommend!

But in today's post I'll be sharing the top 25 airbnb tiny house stays you should experience in order to get a true feel for living in one. Of course your experience will still depend on the things that matter to you most. Location, size and amenities. The 25 I share here are all rated well of 4.5 stars and above, because let's be real...we don't want to experience sub par tiny house stays...we all want those IG worthy stays...amIright?

tiny house airbnb

So without any more chatter, let's get right to these Top 25 Airbnb Tiny House Stays. If you've stayed in any of them, please share your experience, or if you're living in a tiny house, or plan on it. I'd LOVE to hear your story!

Top 25 Airbnb Tiny House Stays to Experience

25. 100 Acre Wood, Leesburg, VA - $319/night

aframe tiny house

24. Relaxin Retreat near Blueridge Parkway, Big Island, VA from $180/night

Get away to the Virginia Mountains, in this cozy cabin.

tiny house airbnb

Goodness this one is just glorious! Featuring those mirror windows which is totally on trend right now too!

mirror tiny house

modern tiny house

22. Wanderlust at Firefly Treehouses, Crane Hill, AL, from $350/night

Perfect lil romantic getaway in the trees!

treehouse tiny hosue

cabin in the woods tiny house

21. Little River Tiny House, Maryville, Tennessee, $165/night

Beautiful setting with privacy and beautiful views.

tiny house loft

loft tiny house

20.Private Mountain A Frame, Jonesville, NC, $205/night

Can we just marvel in the fact that this place is gorgeous inside and out...and that they even have a full washer and dryer?! Along with great wifi means you can come work, chill and just be.

aframe tiny house

tiny house aframe

19.Clark Farm Silos, Kalispell, Montana, $159/night

How cool would it be to stay in a grain silo tiny house? I just seems like an amazing place to sleep for a night or two. I'm obsessed with unique "let's turn this into a house" trend. Sign Me UP!

silo tiny house

silo farm house

18.Modern Nashville Home, Nashville, IN, $220/night

I know right...there's a Nashville, Indiana?! I'm from Indiana and didn't even know that. But this tiny stay looks inviting and modern nestled in the woods.

indiana tiny home

tiny house airbnb

17.Hygge with Hot Tub, Lac-Beauport, Québec, Canada, $271/night

Thoughtful design and modern many pieces that I love about this tiny home stay, these counters for one...and the in ground soak tub to name a couple.

tiny house quebec

16.East Side Beehive, Austin, TX, $190/night

Ripped straight off the pages of fairy tales, what a cute lil spot to take in Austin! Spend the night in a tiny house that looks like it should grace a storybook.

bee hive austin

austin tiny house

15.One-of-a-Kind Container Home, Mt. Vernon, MO, $201/night

Thinking of living the container home life? Come stay in this contemporary marvel to see what it's really like. Great outdoor space to take in fresh non urban air.

shotgun house

container cabin

14.Walden Cabin Fall/Winter Getaway, Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada

How cute is this gem nestled in Wainfleet Ontario?

13.Luxe Dome + Hot Tub, Clyde, N.Carolina $347/night

A dome that rests above the clouds...yes please!

dome house designs

dome tiny home

Maybe I'm partial to irregular shaped homes...but here's another one set in the hills of Ohio. My college stomping grounds.

hobbit tiny house ohio

ohio hobbit tiny house

11. Sowilo Retreat, Cambridge, NY $376/night

They had me at natural wood and black. Modern container home in the woods of NY.

tiny house new york

tiny house new york

The Shash Dine Eco-Retreat in Page, AZ - $165/night

  1. The Lily Pad in Hocking Hills, OH - $229/night

  2. The Wandering Star Cabin in Yucca Valley, CA - $125/night

  3. The Little Red Trolley in Leavenworth, WA - $150/night

  4. The Earthlight™ in Orondo, WA - $295/night

  5. The Serenity Nook at the Hideaway in Wimberley, TX - $199/night

  6. The Escape Cabin in Wimberley, TX - $189/night

  7. The Hilltop Hideaway in Wimberley, TX - $150/night

  8. The Zen Den in Wimberley, TX - $199/night

  9. The Sanctuary in Wimberley, TX - $169/night

  10. The Treehouse in Wimberley, TX - $239/night

  11. The Nest at Cypress Creek in Wimberley, TX - $150/night

  12. The Haven in Wimberley, TX - $159/night

  13. The Cabin in the Woods in Wimberley, TX - $149/night

  14. The Airstream on the Hill in Livingston, TX - $125/night

  15. The Modern Tiny Home in Asheville, NC - $169/night

  16. The Serenity Retreat in Bryson City, NC - $125/night

  17. The Mountain Modern Tiny Home in Asheville, NC - $135/night

  18. The River Run Tiny Cottage in Asheville, NC - $149/night

  19. The Tiny Escape in Asheville, NC - $125/night

  20. The Rustic Tiny Home in Asheville, NC - $139/night

  21. The Tiny Home with a View in Asheville, NC - $149/night

  22. The Serene Tiny Home in Asheville, NC - $159/night

  23. The Peaceful Tiny Home in Asheville, NC - $169/night

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