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25 Gorgeous House Porch Ideas | Digs & Abode

There's something soothing and unwinding about a long day and coming home to enjoy time on a well inviting house porch. Whether that's a front porch or a beautiful back porch, it truly is one of my favorite things.

Mr. V redid our back porch a couple of years ago and turned it into a sanctuary that I can retreat to after being client-facing all day. I absolutely love what I do, but at the end of the day...having even just 45 minutes to reset on the porch is a welcome that I adore.

25 front house porch

In this post I'll share some of my favorite house porch finds, that I will surely be showing Mr. V for our retirement home, and we can take cues from100%.

Simplicity House Porch

I like that this porch has a comfy swing, and seating to enjoy the spot with someone else. Always the sucker for moody palettes, with bright highlights. The pop of the natural floor with the contrast of white ceiling finishes this look.

wraparound house porch

Vacation Home

What's Not to like about this stunning wrap around porch, with a screened in porch feature. Which is absolutely necessary if you're home is close to nature or water. Cause let's be real for a sec...the outdoors is only as comfy as the level of creepy crawlers. So kuddos for the screened porches, my favorite type of outdoor space.

wraparound porch

Splash of Color

White and black is making such a huge statement right now, and I'm Here For It! Pair that with any natural wood, and a splash of color... SOLD!

green door front porch

Wrap Around Porch

Every wrap around porch screams a swing, a rocker, or a lounger with a gorgeous glass of wine. Now let's pair that with a view that never disappoints, and you may find that you'll spend most of your waking hours here.

house porch wrapround

Contemporary Flair

I think the presentation of this home grabs my attention, and then placing chairs out front to enjoy the porch is magic. I love everything about this front facing facade, and the yard...sign me up.

modern front porch

Farmhouse Porch

Wood beams and porches always delight together. Of course for me it's the natural wood with the contrast of the makes my heart sing.

farmhouse house porch

Standout Porch

Ok for me this one is multi-fold...It's the house numbers, the fabulous oversized front door, the wood columns, and the contrast of that natural wood with black and white. Great seating, and beautiful windows to finish it out. I just love this one.

modern front house porch

Black White Wood

The black porch frame on this one, seals it up for me. The natural wood double doors, with the white as dominant color. Yes please.

black and white front porch

Wood Plank Wall

It's white black and wood again...are you seeing the theme I see? The multi colored plank wall on this porch front, is so exciting. It makes such a statement for this porch, and the cute labradoodle can stay too.

wall plank front porch

Grey Sets It Off

The grey shiplap with the vivid yellows makes me happy. Simple rockers very country home in the meadow.

grey front porch

Inviting Porch

It's the colors for me. Then I notice the architecture, for this one, I was drawn to the deep moody color of the exterior, and enjoyed how they placed the magenta mums and the cute seating area.

grey house porch
steel grey house porch

Socially Ready

I love that this porch is super inviting, and calling all book clubs, gathering friends and hang out spot.

warm summer porch

Sage Me

You already know what I'm going to love about this one. It's the nectarine with the sage, contrasting with the white. Not to mention porch's so perfect. I could imagine sitting on this porch watching my daughter hoverboarding around or doing sidewalk chalk out front.

sage pretty front porch house

Bayou Bungalow

It belongs on the marsh somewhere, where the mosquitos are torturous, but I'd still sit and enjoy this front porch. What say you?

bungalow cottage front porch

Outdoor Fireplace

Yes please! Between the copper fixtures, the neutral colors and soft blue for color pop, annnnd the water views...Yes Please! Let's also not forget that it's SCREENED!!! My absolute Faaave!!

outdoor fireplace front porch

Swings & Awning

Perfect little swing, and the cute seating area invites all to come relax and enjoy.

country farm house porch

ADU Porch

Living small is kinda drawing me in and for the life of me I can't understand why. I mean I am not a fan of small spaces, but the more I see them the more I think I'm loving them. And this cozy porch, with it's globe fixture, fluffy palms and mid century seating. I am totally smitten with this porch!

ADU tiny house porch

Porch Ceiling Focus

I can't decide if I like the ceiling better or the brick floor on this one. The black fixtures make it complete...and yes it's missing seating...but we could imagine a beautiful bed swing...or even an egg swing...literally anything could live in this space.

house porch ceiling

Stately Warmth

Polished and poised for any gathering, and don't think I don't see that screened in porch for this one. Black and white are my favorites, and this one is no different.

colonial house porch

Rockers & Swing

I love all of the greenery on this porch. Annnd the black white, and natural wood. And if you look you can also see the porch ceiling is a natural wood finish as well...them ceilings are taking center look up.

bed swing house porch

Picture Perfect

I just love how cute this home and porch are together. Like I wanna move into this home...who has the plans on this one? :-) The front door, the cute porch, the grey color...only thing I'd change is probably change the columns to natural wood.

perfect house porch

Bring on the Lemonade

The scenery, the ceiling fan, the greenery, don't you just wanna hang out here? I know I do.

chip and joanna house porch

Rustic Cabin Vibe

Now here me out...I'm not a huge wood everywhere kinda gal. Mr. V would probably love this style, but I think I would need to tone down some of this wood. I do dig it for a cabin in the woods vibe...but what do you think? Love it or Nah...

cabin in the woods house porch

Entertain Us All

Gahhh....this porch screams come over and stay awhile. Elegant, yet refined.

white house porch

Lounge with Me

I notice details, and the more I look for them the more I notice. The fixtures for this one, the seating, the colors. I love them together, what do you think?

house porch barndominium

Well there you have it. Some of the prettiest porches around, which one is your favorite? Which one of the features are you going to make your own?

My take away is black white and natural wood all day!!!!

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