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ADU's Your New Home | Prefab Homes Modular Homes Container Homes

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

When purchasing a home, prefab, or ADU, one of the first things I'd ask myself is...whats's the investment? What money surprises will pop up as we get this thing underway? With any type of big under taking there will always be surprises. But what I like about Abodu is that they're upfront with their pricing, so from there end there will not be an unexpected costs. The unexpected costs now fall on your local zoning, permits and codes. Which they'll even help you nail down those numbers too!

Here's what Abodu includes, and doesn't include according to their website:

A sensible base price.


  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Complete Abodu unit

  • Permit services

  • Pre-approved plans

  • Unit delivery and installation

  • Foundation

  • Base scope utility connections

Doesn't Include

  • Utility trenching beyond 50 ft

  • Craning distance beyond 100 ft

  • Building or structure demolition

  • Tree removal

  • Unique site engineering

  • Sales tax and permit fees

I've shared 3 of their models with you here, but I definitely recommend going and taking a look and check out their mission with their ADU's.

  1. Abodu One ADU - Abodu One is our roomy, no compromise flagship ADU. This 500 sq ft ADU offers a spacious living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, plus cathedral ceilings to let in as much Vitamin D as possible. 500 sq. ft. 10’ x 14’ spacious bedroom Full-Size kitchen appliances Starting at $268,800 or $1,972+/mo 1 BR 1 BA

2. Abodu Studio - With Abodu Studio ADU, you get a full-sized living room, kitchen, bath and cathedral ceilings — compacted to a footprint of just 12’ x 28’, or 340 square feet. 340sq. ft. 12’ x 28’footprint Full-size kitchen appliances Starting at $228,800 or $1,679+/mo Studio, 1 bath

Abodu Two - Accommodate tenants, host family, or move in yourself. With the Abodu Two, you get all the features of an Abodu One, plus an extra bedroom (or is it an office, yoga space or gym?)—all within a footprint of just 610 square feet. 610 sq. ft. 10’ x 14’ Full-Size Kitchen Appliances 2BR 1 BA Starting at $312,800 or $2,295+/mo

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